New Marine Conservation Centre Opening in the Solomon Islands


Our Co-Founder and CEO Karl Goodsell is currently in the Solomon Islands helping our team to prepare for a new and exciting Waste to Wealth program expansion, as well as scoping locations for our pilot Rewilding our Floodplains mangrove rehabilitation program in the Western Province.

We’re looking forward to working with the community to continue turning the tide on waste, and rewild these vitally important blue forests within one of the world’s most biodiverse and important marine ecosystems!

Continue reading for an update on our Waste to Wealth Program in the Solomon Islands.

marine conservation solomon islands

Marine Conservation Centre opening soon!

We are excited to share that we will be moving into our new Marine Conservation Centre in May 2024!

The team at Dive Gizo have been building the space for us on the Main Street of Gizo town, which will serve as the main office for our team and educational and learning hub for the Western Province and a space from which we plan our Rewilding our Floodplains and Fishing for Change programs across the region.

Solomons marine conservation centre
marine conservation centre solomon islands

The new centre will also serve as a sustainable product storefront, where the local women that we employ, as well as Plasticwise Gizo women, can sell their upcycled plastic products.

Further, the Centre will support our existing, expanding warehouse and machinery facility at the BP Industrial Port, where our team manages all of our plastic waste and upcycling as a part of our Waste to Wealth program.

Behind the Scenes at the Upcycle Hub: Transforming Plastic Waste into Purposeful Products

Since 2021, the Waste Collection Service (WCS) in the Solomon Islands has been actively collecting 5 waste streams weekly across communities in the Western Province.

Waste is then transported to our upcycling hub, where we sort it into categories, upcycling hard and soft plastics into new, saleable products.

  1. Segregation by Households: Households segregate their waste into designated categories, ensuring a streamlined collection process.
  2. Weekly Collection: The collected waste is gathered by our Waste to Wealth Team and transported to the upcycle hub.
  3. Sorting, Weighing, Washing, and Counting: The waste undergoes a comprehensive sorting process. Each item is weighed, washed to remove any contaminants, and meticulously counted to ensure accuracy in processing.
  4. Into the Plastic Granulator and Press Machine: Through shredding, pressing and heating, the plastic is shaped into moulds for furniture and building.
  5. The End Product: The result is a range of purposeful products such as flooring or material for walls, tables, chairs… you name it!

Through this step-by-step process, we are not only transforming waste but also transforming lives and fostering a more sustainable future for generations to come.

upcycled plastic products solomon islands PCFML
Plastic Waste Transformed into Flooring for Buildings

This is what the community are saying about our work…

“I hope this will be beneficial for the surrounding communities, keep up the amazing work!”

“Can you do this work in other places too?”

“I would be very happy if one day you could come to my community”

We need your support to expand our impact!

Your support goes towards:

  • Meaningful employment opportunities for marginalised women and youth
  • Stopping >2,500,000 single-use plastic items entering our ocean every year
  • Up-cycling waste into reusable and profitable products
  • Expanding our programs to new communities in the Solomon Islands

Thank you so much for your contribution to healthy communities and healthier oceans.


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