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We Address 14 of 17 Sustainable Development Goals

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Your contribution ensures that we can operate and resource our life-changing campaigns, challenges, global programs, education workshops and events – raising awareness and creating change on an international scale.

No amount is too small or too large and with supporter options from $2, everyone can afford to assist the ocean and the communities who depend upon it for survival!

Thank you SO much for helping us to conserve our oceans.

Our Focus Areas

Our primary focus areas are represented through 3 key programs:

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Exploring long-term solutions to over-harvesting of marine ecosystems through community-led research, mapping and strategic planning, involving diverse stakeholder groups to lead the way towards effective and sustainable locally-managed marine areas (LMMAs).

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Restoring critical blue forests, bringing back biodiversity and sequestering carbon, while offering new, conservation-focused economic opportunities.

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Creating closed-loop solutions to managing solid and organic waste, while creating new economic opportunities through the development of community-led social enterprises.

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