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Our Mission

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We Address 14 of 17 Sustainable Development Goals

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Positive Change for Marine Life dismantles the old narrative that the ocean exists for us to exploit. Through our core values of understanding, education and respect, we empower communities to take action for our ocean, developing long-term initiatives which benefit the sea, as well as those who rely upon it for survival.

We work with a broad spectrum of people from diverse backgrounds including businesses, fishers, community organisations, students, faith groups, activists, political institutions and individuals – to realise the value of a healthy ocean and the long-term environmental, social, cultural and economic benefit that it provides.

We have three key focus areas:


Developing solutions to marine debris and pollution, which is having a devastating impact on marine ecosystems, as well as on human health. This includes exploring the potential that proper waste management, decentralised food production, up-cycling and ecotourism can have on transitioning coastal communities away from exploitative industries, whilst improving health, creating employment opportunities for marginalised groups, and protecting the ocean in perpetuity.


Leading community-driven blue and green forest restoration projects in estuaries and coastal areas, with a focus on mangroves, saltmarsh, seagrass and strategic connectivity corridors. This includes developing innovative, multi-stakeholder research and mapping programs to identify threats and priority sites, leading rewilding projects to improve habitat and increase climate resilience, as well as running community engagement and citizen science programs to ensure that nature and human activity can coexist.


Engaging fishers in resource sustainability solutions through research, monitoring, deep multi-stakeholder engagement, ocean literacy, and the development of innovative, collaborative approaches to fisheries management challenges, allowing nature and the communities who rely on it to thrive.

We are proud to be independent, non-partisan, and non-denominational.

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