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We Address 14 of 17 Sustainable Development Goals

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Our approach

Our corporate partners and sponsors drive the work that we do. We can tailor packages to suit a variety of business sizes and needs, developing a close working relationship that enables us to boost our partners brand, whilst furthering our conservation objectives. A win, win!

We strive to develop a close working relationship with all of our corporate partners. Planning, implementation, monitoring and adaptation are vital components of all of our corporate partnerships and ensure that your brand can leverage the great work that we do, to further drive customer engagement. Further, our in-depth Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) alignment, ensure that you can align your partnership with us directly to globally-recognised outcomes for climate, nature, and fair and equitable industry and communities.  

Our 6-step approach ensures that we can enhance our relationship, together, from day one.

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First we connect with you to find out more about your brand, your values and your aspirations.

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Next, we look to form a deeper understanding of your work and come up with ideas to form the perfect partnership.

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We then put those ideas into action to develop a package that is tailored to your values, CSR and long-term business objectives.

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Refining our process ensures that our partnerships create the strongest outcomes whilst guaranteeing the most band for your buck.

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We work side by side to ensure we are kicking goals, boosting your business and creating conversation outcomes. Win, win!

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We review our work as we go to ensure that we are constantly improving and adapting to the changing business environment.

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More than just a donation

Our Corporate Partnerships go much further than just financial support. We offer engaging ways to give and to give back, including:

  • Team retreats.
  • Global adventures.
  • Plastic audits and source-reduction programs. 
  • Presentations, field trips & workshops.
  • CSR and SDG Alignment.
  • Sponsorship events and hosting opportunities.
Corporate Partnership Proposal


Get in touch

Caet Young

Strategic Partnerships and Communications Manager

[email protected]
0491 757 170 

Download our Corporate Partner Pack:

Corporate Partnership Proposal
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