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We have three key global programs that drive long-term change and address some of the most pressing challenges facing our marine life and ocean communities.

Waste to wealth Rewilding our Floodplains Fishing for change

We Address 14 of 17 Sustainable Development Goals

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Waste to wealth

Our Waste to Wealth program is an inspiring initiative that empowers communities to collect and convert waste into valuable products, while shifting its source through supply chain transitions. We actively reduce marine debris, combating the devastating impact of poorly managed solid and organic waste on marine ecosystems and human health. Our transformative approach goes beyond just addressing hard waste, single-use plastic and organic waste at its source; it creates a ripple effect of positive change.

We establish locally-led, closed-loop social enterprise models, fostering sustainable solutions that benefit both the environment and the community. Creating new jobs, improving health, and significantly reducing waste and pollution are key elements of Waste to Wealth. Through supporting marginalised communities, we drive positive change and empower women and youth to find creative ways to restore our estuaries, coastlines, and our shared blue planet.

A bottom-up, grassroots approach, turning the tide on poverty and marine pollution, one community at a time.

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Rewilding our floodplains

Rewilding our Floodplains restores the blue lungs of our planet.

Through community-driven blue and green forest restoration projects across catchment areas from source to sea, we’re pioneering innovative research and mapping programs to identify priority sites, harnessing the incredible power of nature to rewild and improve climate resilience. Rewilding our Floodplains brings together industry, science, conservation, culture, and community to create thriving, connected habitat, uniting fishers, farmers, tour operators, First Nation peoples, scientists, recreational users, government officials, and the broader community to reflect that a regenerative approach is the only way forward.

Exploring Nature-based Solutions like transparent, well-managed carbon and biodiversity offsets and strategic whole of catchment wildlife corridors on private and public land, we aim to improve soils, water quality, natural flow, fish habitat, and biodiversity values, while enhancing natural disaster resilience.

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Fishing for change

Fishing for Change is a program that helps Small Scale Fisheries (SSF) communities develop sustainable fisheries models that balance conservation and economic returns.

Working within the world’s most valuable marine biodiversity hotspots, we enable communities to identify and implement management strategies that will protect marine resources, providing food, income, and long-term ecological resilience, with the key goal of creating and supporting locally-managed marine protected areas (LMMAs), which put livelihoods and human health first!

The program aims to increase incomes for fishers and their families, while ensuring protection of habitat, especially at key breeding and tourism sites. Improving community cohesion and resilience, we’re helping to ensure that fish stocks are managed sustainably, that fishers can earn a living, and that marine ecosystems are protected for future generations to come.

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Our global programs need your support, help us make positive change for people and planet.

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