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The ocean is our lifeblood. In the blink of an eye in earth terms we have almost destroyed it. Over fishing, pollution, anthropogenic warming, irresponsible industry and invasive species are all taking their toll, yet while there is ingenuity, there is hope and positivity has a remarkable knack for creating change...

 Our work focuses on creating and implementing conservation strategies in regions where pollution, over-fishing, poor decision making and/or a lack of infrastructure are taking their toll on marine ecosystems. We work hands on with local communities to provide long-term opportunities which benefit the ocean, as well as the communities who rely upon it for survival.

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Support our Global Program in Kovalam, India

Together with our global partner SISP and 8 passionate and highly-skilled Ambassadors from diverse backgrounds, we will be driving long-term marine conservation outcomes and economic opportunities for the local community in Kovalam, India.

We need YOUR help to drive this change...


We've launched our plastic bag free Byron Bay campaign to drive a shift away from plastic bags across the Byron Shire! Whether you're a local or a visitor to the shire, please sign-on and help us to to conserve the Cape Byron Marine Park and show New South Wales and the rest of the country that Byron can lead the way in the plastic revolution.

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We are looking at implementing similar pledges across NSW and QLD to raise awareness about the plastic pollution problem that faces our ocean and work with communities, businesses and government toward viable solutions. Thanks for signing up and showing the world that Byron Bay Loves Plastic-Free Oceans! 


Fair-trade, sustainable, organic, biodegradable - check out our large range of eco-friendly, fair-trade products and shop to make a difference and support our vital conservation and community work!


Our Global Programs work in developing nations to get to the heart of marine conservation issues. Take a look at the work that we will be undertaking & why not support us and get involved?

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Here you'll find more information about how you can get involved through working with us on our hands-on projects, volunteering, sponsoring, donating and/or subscribing to our newsletter.

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