As a volunteer-run organisation your support really does make a difference...

Your contribution ensures that we can run our campaigns, challenges, global programs, education workshops and events - raising awareness and creating change on an international scale. No amount is too small or too large and with supporter options from $2, everyone can afford to assist the ocean and the communities who rely on it for survival! 

Registered Charity

We work towards shifting society’s perceptions of the ocean and their relationship to it. Through addressing plastic pollution (including eradicating plastic bags, cutlery and other single-use plastic items at their source); remediating coastal ecosystems and waterways in need; designing waste management systems; re-training and employing local community members in ocean friendly industries; and providing hands-on educational programs geared towards a diverse cross-section of society, we are turning the tide on marine debris and pollution to assist marine life and ecosystems in need.

Thank you SO much for helping conserve our oceans. Your contribution really does make an enormous difference!

Photography © Positive Change for Marine Life 2019
(Sea Animals)