Emma is a quiet achiever, one of those people who doesn't boast or brag, but gets things done...

It's one of the many reasons that we approached Emma to become a Positive change ocean ambassador.

This is her story...

"After spending five years living in Byron Bay, a beautiful part of the New South Wales Coast and working as a sea kayak tour guide in a marine reserve, I developed a massive love for the ocean and all the beautiful marine life in which it supports. I am currently living in an amazing part of the U.K. in a little village called Charmouth which is located near Lyme Regis on a stretch of the Dorset coastline called the Jurassic Coast.  You can actually find millions and millions of years old ammonite fossils laying in the sand, it's unbelievable!

I'm very lucky to be able to walk along the beach or stand-up paddle board to work most days and during my commute, I collect lots of treasure as there is a section of the beach littered with seaglass and pottery due to an Elizabethan rubbish dump that has eroded over time and now falls into the sea!

Unfortunately, further along the beach there is also a section covered with not-so-ancient rubbish, mostly inthe form of plastic bottles and other easily recyclable material. This really gets me going! I've been trying to work out how it gets here and have come to the conclusion that currents meet here on high tide, washing loads of marine debris from the English Channel onto the beach....

Each time I collect this 'treasure', I also collect as much plastic waste as I can carry off the beach and dispose of it in the recycling bin. Friends, family, and community members have also started helping!

What I'm trying to do is raise awareness about a) how much plastic is in the sea, b) how plastic waste, like what I collect on the beach, effects marine life and also, c) how easily it can be avoided by properly disposing of it to start with and being more aware of the products you buy!

I've started a little jewellery business called 'Tidal Treasure'...

I make necklaces out of the seaglass and pottery found on the beach and sell them in town as well as online giving 10% of each purchase to Positive Change for Marine Life as a well as a local English arm of conservation group Surfers Against Sewage who are also doing some amazing stuff in helping to keep our big blue clean!"

You can find out more about Emma's work via her instagram page here: @tidaltreasure

Emma's fantastic antique jewellery is available here with all proceeds going back into our Honour the Ocean marine debris campaign.

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