Education, training and workshop programs

Whether a school, university, marine tourism operator, small business, corporation or restaurant/cafe - we can tailor education programs, workshops and retreats to suite your group needs.

Topics covered to date include:

- Marine debris and waste awareness (including programs designed to reduce waste);

- Shark, turtle, seabird and other marine conservation and ecology workshops / tours and packages to increase workplace morale and team building;

- Marine science field trips (covering topics including cetacean ecology, niche ecosystems e.g. rock pool biodiversity, etc.);

- 'Scientist for hire' services for ecotourism businesses and corporate tours;

We can design a program for any group, based on a wide variety of topics, please contact us below if you'd like us to create a program to inspire, connect, inform, educate and/or train your staff or student group. We also run recycling challenges and can provide ongoing school programs and training if required.

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