Stephanie Franzisca Scholz

"We are in a position to do great harm to the planet but also in a position to help, support and prevent harm from happening. I'm supporting PCFML because I believe in what they stand for"

Stephanie Franziska Scholz was born in 1983 in Japan, grew up in Australia and now lives and works in Berlin. She studied drawing and print making at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin as well as the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna and received her diploma in 2012.

"There are things more important than financial gain and the health of our planet must be one of them"

After completing her studies, Stephanie illustrated several books, worked for newspapers and magazines and began a series of computer cut-outs. She is a founding member of Studio Spektral and has participated in several solo and group exhibitions.


"Organisations like PCFML help us to take action, to make a positive change for the future and remind us of the destruction, which we sometimes like to ignore."
"The oceans have been treated like an enormous garbage pit for centuries, soaking up chemical waste and sewage as well as huge amounts of plastic. As a result there have been devastating impacts on marine life. We cannot afford to think and act so short-sightedly and selfishly any longer."


Photography © Stephanie Franzisca Scholz