Want to make a difference? here's how...

Marine Debris Awareness

The choices that you make everyday as a consumer are the most powerful tool available to create positive change for the ocean. Make marine debris history by:

- Changing your consumptive habits and saying NO to single-use products;
- Bringing your own cups, plates, cutlery, bottles and bags with you wherever you go. If you have to buy a single-use product go without and in doing so save the life of a sea turtle or whale;

- Picking up trash wherever you see it and reporting litterers to the authorities or having a kind word to them about the impact that they are having on the environment;

- Joining our 'Honour the Ocean' campaign and/or starting your own regular survey with our assistance;

- Take our 'Plastic Bag Free Pledge' to quit plastic bags and in doing so support a shire-wide plastic free Byron Bay;
- Spreading the word and taking Positive Change for Marine Life's Marine Debris Challenge to really make a difference!


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Photographs © Positive Change for Marine Life