Plastic bags: A thing of the past...yet still so much a part of our present...

1906 was the fateful year that plastic as we know it was invented. A cure-all for the modern man and woman, a product so versatile, malleable and carefree that it would drive post WWII consumerism to boost war-weary economies and bring the western world back to its feet. It's easy to talk about the issues associated with single-use plastics in 2016, yet we also need to recognise the enormous contribution that it has made to human sanitisation and other aspects of society - providing cheap shelter, bacteria-free, long life meals for those in need and fresh drinking water in areas where water-born diseases are an everyday part of life.

It's not all a bad-wrap for plastic, yet it's becoming a bad wrap for our oceans and even ourselves as our addiction to plastic has gotten way out of hand. With all of our knowledge on entanglement, ingestion and bio-accumulation of plastics in the marine environment we need to take a stand and break-free of our love of stupid plastics before they overwhelm us. Plastic bags, water bottles, cutlery, take-away containers, straws and other single-use items no longer have a place in our society. As whales, dolphins, turtles, seals, sharks and other marine organisms end up as collateral from our obsession, there is increasing evidence to suggest that we too are becoming one-part plastic as we ingest the toxins passed on through the food-chain in the seafood that we eat. Cancers, deformities and other nasty side-effects are believed to be the result...

All things begs to ask the question, "do we really need all this single-use plastic?" We think not and that's why we are rolling out a Plastic Bag Free Byron Bay campaign to rid the region of plastic bags once and for all and pave the way for other coastal towns across Australia to follow in our footsteps.

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Photographs © Positive Change for Marine Life & SYAH