What is our Marine Debris Challenge?

Positive Change for Marine Life's Marine Debris Challenge project aims to create community awareness in regards to the devastating impact that marine debris is having on the ocean and marine ecosystems internationally.

Through reaching out to communities across the globe, providing support, funding and a platform for positive change, the project guides community leaders to run scientific beach surveys, host educational programs and events, as well as to raise the public profile of marine debris to shift consumer preferences and perspectives.  

In 2016 we launched this project online with 4 teams participating in Australia and the Seychelles. We had over 500 people involved with the Challenge, which also brought businesses and local governments into the conversation to determine their role in creating change through shifting the way that they manage the proliferation and promotion of plastic and other single-use packaging, waste, and how they regulate pollution from land and at sea. 

Over the next 3 years Positive Change for Marine Life will hold one Marine Debris Challenge per year, with the aim of having 15 teams take part. Through providing the materials, expertise, presentations and funding to run these programs, our objective is to give local communities a voice to effect change from within and develop a long-term strategy to combat marine debris in their area. 

To join us, why not apply for our 2017 Challenge?

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