Team Seychelles

"Youth organisation SYAH Seychelles took the Marine Debris Challenge mainly because we saw it as an opportune activity to build on our efforts to educate the youth and public about the harmful effects of plastic and how much it is affecting our beautiful small island chain. We want to make change through ACTION!"

(Karine Rassool - SYAH - Marine Debris Challenge Team Leader)

Well done to SYAH Seychelles for an enormous effort in our 2016 Marine Debris Challenge! Here are some pics from their events over the 6-week period. Want to join us in 2016? Click here to do so.

"The clean ups have always been teamed with an educational session and waste collected is also sorted to be recycled. Moreover, since we have we started the clean ups there has been constant demand from the public to clean sites and beaches and a private company, Hunt Deltel, has partnered with SYAH to sponsor our clean-ups.
Given Seychelles' recent pioneering of the blue economy concept and the importance of the ocean to our national economy, the challenge had the support of government, civic society and the private sector - it was a huge success!"

SYAH Seychelles is a youth led non-government-organisation (NGO) advocating and promoting sustainable development through education, empowerment and action. Last June, SYAH started a "Seychelles Free From Plastic Bag Campaign" and as part of this campaign organised a number of beach clean ups (5) in collaboration with fishermen, the local community, hotels and other NGO's.

Photography © Karine Rassool / SYAH