Team Gordons Bay

"My name is Ally Jones, I am a 22 year old university student currently living in Sydney.  Growing up just north of Byron Bay gave me a huge appreciation for the oceans beauty, and the imperative role that the ocean plays in every aspect of life on Earth.  I enjoy swimming, snorkelling and diving, and feel troubled by the growing amount of rubbish (especially single use plastic pollution) that is ending up in our oceans, bays, and rivers."

We are incredibly excited to have had Ally on board for the 2016 Marine Debris Challenge. Gordon's Bay is a small embayment near Coogee Beach in Sydney and Ally was frustrated with the lack of awareness around such a (seemingly) simple issue like marine debris. Ally took action and informed her local community of how they could collectively act to make a difference for marine life through beach surveys, educational events and film screenings!

Ally has now decided to continue running regular clean-ups at her local beaches and is continuing to attract growing support from the community and the local council.

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Why are you taking part in the Marine Debris Challenge?

"I am taking part in the 6 week Marine Debris Challenge to bring attention, and community awareness to our oceans, and to highlight the affects of pollution on marine life in the area, and throughout the world.  For many people, the ocean (and any problems it faces) is disconnected from the rest of terrestrial life.  This is not the case.  The ocean provides us with upwards of 65% of breathable air, a collapse of healthy oceans would be catastrophic for everyone, and this is becoming more and more likely due to overfishing, destruction of habitats, pollution from plastic, chemical waste, and untreated sewerage (humans and animals)."
Photography © Ally Jones 2016