Why Sebastian Indian Social Projects (SISP)?

Images like the one above would shock anyone who has been lucky enough to have grown-up in an affluent western society, far removed from the harsh reality that most people face on a daily-basis. Poverty, a lack of resources and adequate infrastructure, as well as enormous economic disparity are a part of life in many parts of the world, yet as a global community we have the wealth, resources and ingenuity to stand up for our fellow men and women and make poverty history.

Positive Change for Marine Life realises that without human change, the environment cannot prosper and that without equality there is no hope for a sustainable future. We partnered with Sebastian Indian Social Projects (SISP) because they represent the positive social change that needs to happen, not just in India, but across the globe. SISP not only practice what they preach, but they do it with very little resources and rely on the goodwill of volunteers to achieve their objectives and make people's lives better.

Humanity and the natural environment aren't separate, they are one and the same. We believe that creating positive change for marine life needs to start with creating positive change for the people who rely on the ocean for survival. This is why we have partnered with SISP and will continue to partner with grassroots social projects who are driving change from within. Together we can address the issues facing our oceans, whilst creating opportunities and a greater standard of living for those who are doing it tough.

Why not join us in supporting Sebastian Social Indian Projects and the people of Thiruvananthapurum? Together we can create positive change for the ocean and the community who relies on it for survival!

For students at SISP the future is a promising one.

For students at SISP the future is a promising one.

A local woman making recycled fair-trade bags. One of the many social employment programs that SISP has successfully implemented.

The basic conditions of many families who live below the Indian poverty line.

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