The ultimate objective in India

Our global partnership program objective is simple: partner with proven grassroots, social non-profit-organisations, fund and support them, and work collaboratively on the ground where they operate to formulate, implement and fund an environmental (marine-based) strategic masterplan.

In India, our partnership with Sebastian Indian Social Projects (SISP) will help them to increase their activities and operations through providing consistent funding, increased exposure and donor opportunities, as well as creating new and exciting opportunities for the local community through ecotourism and sustainable development. Through bringing teams of experts and passionate volunteers to the region via our Global Ambassador Adventures we will work alongside the local community to drive the changes that they identify as crucial to a more sustainable future through our Marine Conservation Masterplan.

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* As well as their social education and employment initiatives, SISP has also been responsible for supporting and funding the Kovalam Surf Club and Kovalam Skate School, run by local youth who did it tough and were able to make their dreams come true through access to education and a second chance.

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