Our partnership with Sebastian Indian Social Projects (SISP)

Launched in September 2016, this partnership aims to support Sebastian Indian Social Projects (SISP) and the great work that they do on the ground in India. PCFML will provide funding, support, exposure and environmental expertise to SISP, whilst we also lead a long-term Marine Conservation Masterplan on the ground in Kovalam, commencing with our first Global Ambassador Adventure in February 2017.


  From the dire need to help those living below the Indian poverty line, Sebastian Indian Social Projects (SISP) was born as a non-profit that strives to accelerate social and economic change by collaborating with local community members to build a fairer society, where access to education, healthcare and employment is available to all... 

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The ultimate objective

With SISP's fantastic social and community work, as well as their focus on incorporating sustainable practices into all that they do, it made sense for us to form a partnership with them and to work together toward a sustainable future for both the local community who rely so heavily upon the ocean for survival...

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Global programs overview

Campaigns & Projects

Photographs © Positive Change for Marine Life & SISP