About our Global Ambassador Adventure programs

Positive Change for Marine Life's Global Ambassador Adventures will be taking groups of lucky individuals to the heart of the communities in which we work, with the ultimate objective of creating a long-term Marine Conservation Masterplan.

These once in a lifetime experiences include a myriad of activities unique to each area that we visit. Activities may include:

  • Diving pristine and untouched reefs;
  • Re-vegetating disturbed areas/re-establishing sand dunes;
  • Leading sustainable development projects;
  • Leading and participating in education & training programs;
  • Working to identify and address waste management issues;
  • Surfing workshops, surf coaching and surfing in some prime surf locations;
  • Hiking and exploring local natural areas and national parks;
  • Examining local fisheries and eco-tourism operations through actively participating in activities and undertaking on-board surveys;
  • Working as part of a team to determine an environmental (marine focused) master strategy for the region, which will be implemented through PCFML maintaining a consistent presence on the ground post-adventure.

For each project, we will be seeking individuals with certain skill-sets and experience as well as those who are passionate about making a real difference. Ambassador applications are now closed. Please stay tuned for updates of further Ambassador Adventures to remote locations across the globe.

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