Our 5-year Marine Conservation Masterplan is almost complete, yet to really make the positive change that the ocean and community needs in Kovalam and Vizhinjam is going to take a lot of resources.

Over 4 weeks from September 28 we will be looking to crowdfund $25,000 to kick-start our projects in Kovalam and Vizhinjam. The ocean and community desperately needs your help, as do we. Will you make a pledge below to support our campaign on the day of September 28, 2017?

One of our passionate volunteers will contact you just before the launch of the campaign on September 28 to confirm your support. If we can build an army of changemakers between now and the launch, we believe that we can smash our goal within just days of launching. Will you take the pledge for healthier oceans?


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If you are happy to provide your phone number, it will help us a great deal as we are testing a new tool to update you via text on campaign successes and special prize giveaways during the campaign. We promise you won't be bombarded with texts / phone calls as we only have a handful of staff who will contact you directly from time to time. You can also opt-out at any time :)
This allows us to estimate funding for the campaign and makes it easier to plan in order to reach our goals.

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