About Me

I'm a Californian native with a passion for positive global environmental change, with a special regard to our oceans. As a recent university graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Studies and Business Administration, I had the privilege of learning of the world’s environmental issues and feel ready now to address them head on.

After graduation, I began to travel and was fortunate enough to see South Africa, India, and bits of South East Asia where I was exposed to a variety of social issues. I came to Australia and worked for a year, and started to think critically about how I could make a difference utilising my knowledge and skillset. I quickly found PCFML and knew this was where I wanted my environmental career to begin.

Community Development

Why do you care about ocean conservation?

Growing up near the ocean in San Diego, California, respecting the ocean has been an integral part of my life since an early age. As a SCUBA diver and surfer, I hope to inspire others to care for our world’s oceans and respect them as much as I do.

Fisheries Management

I strongly believe that we can only protect our oceans if we understand them, with our hands, spirit, and heart. Education is the best tool available in our fight against environmental degradation and through informing those who don't realize the implications of their actions on our planet, more people will start to appreciate our precious natural wonders and be drawn to protect them. With a background in climate science as well as prior experience in environmental education, the opportunity to work with PCFML feels like the perfect fit!

Why did you get involved as a Global Ambassador and what do you hope to achieve?

I've travelled to India before, however I didn't have the pleasure of visiting Kovalam. I hope to form friendships with local community members and inspire positive action that will help improve the quality of the lives of the people of Kovalam, as well as our precious ocean and its’ inhabitants. I hopes that my time in India can transform the way that visitors and locals view the ocean, as a precious luxury, not an infinite resource. My ultimate goal is to inspire the locals to continue sustainable practices and provide the tools necessary to ensure stewardship long into the future.