I had always been an active kid growing up and loved being outdoors exploring. Always climbing trees with my siblings on our property or venturing to nearby beaches. 

As I have grown older my love for the outdoors, and the ocean especially, has continued to grow immensely. 

After changing my eating habits four years ago, I became aware and conscious of the devastating impacts pollution is having on the environment. I began to make small changes in my life to reduce what impact I was having.

It wasn’t till my recent trip to Hawaii, that the pollution levels were really put into perspective. At a small beach in Maui I experienced for the first time the real impacts of plastic pollution. Micro plastics spread across the sea and the shore line. I felt overwhelmed and helpless that I couldn’t collect the waste. It was from there that I became even more determined to drastically reduce my environmental impact and educate others to do the same. 

I hope to return to university to expand my knowledge on environmental sustainability and link my interest in business with my passion for the environment. I am excited to be involved in what’s to come at PCFML and help spread the critical message the team is promoting about the ocean.

Will you help me raise the $3,000 needed to get to India and support PCFML’s vital work there?

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