My curiosity for the ocean began while I was growing up in the deserts of north-western India, where water is more precious than gold. After leaving school, I embarked upon a solo journey down south to the coastal city of Mumbai to study. Spending a lot of time by the sea and coming in close contact with the extensive damage plastic has caused, developed a strong desire within me to make a difference.

It was in Mumbai that I was inspired to study marine science. After graduation, I wanted to develop a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding marine conservation and the impact that culture, attitudes and education can have on it. On my quest to delve deeper, I moved to Australia and pursued my Master’s in Marine Biology in Perth. Swimming, snorkelling and outdoor adventures on the pristine West Australian coast captivated me and my heart was set on working in the field of conservation.

After my Masters, working and traveling as a marine biologist introduced me to different countries and their diverse environmental approaches. My wetland restoration and ecotourism efforts in Mauritius taught me the importance of working with local communities and engaging and embracing local cultures. I learnt that conservation efforts are truly sustainable and long-lived only when the local community is whole-heartedly involved. Furthermore, my animal rescue and education experience at Seal Rescue Ireland was unlike any other. Working hands-on with injured and abandoned seals was an eye-opener. For the first time I was directly confronted with the devastating effects that plastic waste has on marine species and their habitats. Cases of rescued seal pups with plastic entanglement and plastic ingestion issues convinced me that proper waste management is core component of species conservation and efforts for its improvement are crucial. These experiences led me to become a Global Ambassador for PCFML where I will be able to work on a multi-faceted community-based project, which focuses on waste-management and aims to create a waste free future in my home country of India.

The work that PCFML is doing is indispensable for improving the health of the Kerala’s ecosystems. However, these efforts need your support to be sustained.

Will you help me raise AU$1300 to cover my travel as an Ambassador and support the coastal communities and significant work that PCFML is undertaking in Kovalam and Vizhinja,?

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