Born in the U.K, I left at 10 days old to begin life on the island of Mauritius. My family then moved to Asia. At 26 I arrived in Australia and combined my passions for photography and documentary film-making with my love of the ocean. I trained to become a Master Scuba Diver and pursued a career as an underwater photographer and videographer in Cairns for the next 8 years. Following this I completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology at James Cook University which led me to return to Asia with the intention of documenting cultural and environmental projects.

In 2012 I was commissioned to document the building of a traditional Phinisi boat in Sulawesi. I spent 6 weeks documenting the traditional building practices of the ancient animistic Bughis Seafarers. The boat “Calico Jack” is now complete after a two-year project and has set sail as a dive charter in the pristine waters of Rajah Ampat. Once again I was captivated by the magic and enchantment of the seafarers life and the intricate relationship that exists between community and nature.  On the downside I was devastated by the amounts of litter on the beaches, which motivated me to get involved in local conservation groups.

I remained in Asia for two years, funding my photography projects and ocean adventures through teaching English as a foreign language. During this time I travelled to Komodo National Park to dive and to photograph lion fish. Again, I was disappointed to learn that there are no sustainable practices implemented to dispose of plastic debris.

Returning to Bali I  documented a project on the sustainable seaweed cultivation on the islands. I was then invited by Aquatic Alliance to photograph, tag and track the migratory patterns of manta rays to gather evidence to be submitted to CITES. Their mission was also to clean up the beaches, educate dive schools and fishing communities in sustainable ecotourism options. Part of the project was to travel to Tanjung Luar fish market in Lombok to photograph the illegal killing of manta rays for Chinese medicine. The  devastating reality of what is happening in remote parts of the world truly hit home. What I witnessed was tragic. This situation is sadly being repeated in many fishing villages globally and has truly motivated me to be a part of the change that I would like to see.

“We must plant the sea and herd its animals, using the sea as farmers instead of hunters. That is what civilisation is all about- farming replacing hunting”

- Jacques Yves Cousteau

For me the global significance of the work being carried out by “Positive Change for Marine Life” is essential. Through education and implementation of sustainable strategies our oceans and global communities are ensured of a healthier future .

I bring to the project my combined passions for culture, our environment and creative mediums. Through this project I would like to inspire and educate future generations and connect people to each other through my images.

The invitation to document this project provides a unique opportunity to develop other skills and learn from the expertise of team members from PCFML committed to sustainable conservation practices, waste management strategies and economic solutions to the problems face in India.

I am thrilled to have been accepted on the Global Ambassadors 2019 programme and would like to say thank you to everyone who supports us in our crowdfunding mission.

Your donations are SO valuable and I appreciate your support!

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