As a young girl growing up in fast moving inner Melbourne, I felt apathetic towards the environmental movement. Global environmental issues seemed so vast and unsolvable, what was the point in even trying?

Then I moved to Canberra, an inspiring centre for activism and people powered environmental movements. I took on a degree in Development Studies and felt that my eyes had been opened. I discovered that I had been converted. I began to care about these issues, a lot.

I now know that poverty is complex and deeply interconnected with our environment. To think about global development, one cannot ignore issues like climate change, water pollution, natural resource depletion and loss of biodiversity.

So Imi, why are you going to India?

Development is my passion. To have the opportunity to aid an international project with a full time presence on ground in the country? A total dream.

To work with PCFML, an NGO who sees a future where all species are protected from exploitation, communities are supported and encouraged to take only what they need and the true meaning of sustainability is respected by all? Even better.

In India, I will be working on water remediation and waste management projects in Kovalam & Vizhinjam, Southern Kerala. This is a region with enormous pollution, over-fishing, and waste management issues facing the ocean.

Sadly, environmental NGOs don't get nearly enough funding that is so vital for the successful execution of these projects. They need passionate people like you and I to fundraise and donate to this important work. Your donations will support my work on this project and the continuing success of PCFML in Kovallam and Vizhinjam.

I strongly believe that our work can create a real difference in the communities and oceans of this region. Can you help us do it?

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