An Introduction

I grew up on the far south coast of NSW where I spent my youth surfing at pristine beaches and exploring beautiful wilderness areas. This led to undergraduate degree in an Environmental Science and a number of years working in conservation and land management.  Looking for a challenge I applied for an Australian Youth Ambassador for Development assignment in Sulawesi, Indonesia. These 12 months working with Yayasan Focil Indonesia delivering environmental education programs can only be described as life changing. I vowed to return to Australia and make a positive contribution to the issues of marine debris through the power of grass roots community action.

I joined to assist in their program delivery throughout Australian schools. I am now a director of Bottle for Botol striving to lead a generation of people in Australia and Indonesia away from single use plastics through reusable stainless steel water bottles and education resources.  

Why did you get involved as a Global Ambassador?

I was inspired by the concept of this project and believed my skills and passions suited the position description well. I would like to be involved in a project where I can work in a multi-disciplined team towards positive outcomes for people and the environment who may not be exposed to this assistance otherwise. I also want to enhance my understanding of the issue affecting marine environments and conservation practices in different locations and contexts throughout the world.

Sustainable fisheries in India

What do you hope to bring to the project?

I hope to bring to this project an enthusiastic attitude, relevant experience and a passion for marine conservation. I thoroughly enjoy working in dynamic team environments towards common causes and ocean conservation is something I am incredibly passionate about. I have experience working with small marginalised coastal communities throughout the Islands, villages and towns of remote Sulawesi, Indonesia to raise awareness and create positive environmental outcomes for the local people. I also bring experience developing and delivering marine conservation curriculums for students in Australia and Indonesia.

What do you hope to get out of the project?

I hope to get an adventure, inspiration and a broadened world view through this once in a lifetime experience. This project provides an opportunity to combine travel with meeting and working with local people I would never get a chance to engage with. I hope to learn new skills and fresh ideas from my fellow ocean ambassadors, the members of Positive Change for Marine Life and the Sebastian Indian Social Projects to enhance my capacity for marine management.

What long-term change would you like to see as a result of this project?

I would like to see this project empower the local people of Kerala, India to manage their coastal and marine environments effectively and sustainably. I hope this project engages the youth of Kerala to enjoy and care for the marine environment in their backyards. Through engagement I hope that this generation can share their passion, skills and knowledge for conservation with their families, friends and community members. I also hope this project contributes to the current global efforts to eliminate plastic marine debris, improve sustainable fishing practices and implement effective waste management systems in developing nations.

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