About our Global programs

Our team has worked abroad in central and south America, south-east Asia, Asia and Africa and seen first-hand the vital work that is being undertaken in small communities to protect ocean ecosystems, local culture and traditions. Many developing nations lack the access to resources, information and awareness that some countries take for granted and as a result people and the environment often suffer.

We seek partnerships with grass-roots, social non-profit-organisations who are doing great work with local communities. Our aim is to fund, promote and raise-awareness on behalf these organisations, who in turn provide access to the local community as well as the support that we need on the ground to implement long-term Marine Conservation Masterplans. Our strategies focus on a diverse array of issues that affect the ocean and include: waste management, poorly regulated & unsustainable fisheries, eco-tourism operations, pollution, runoff and heavily degraded reef ecosystems.

Through our programs we aim to ensure that vital marine ecosystems are conserved, whilst providing sound economic opportunities for the local people (with the assistance of our partner organisations). All of our programs incorporate education as the key driver for positive change, with training programs provided as part of the strategic plan. 

Our fantastic Indian partner is Sebastian Social Indian Projects!

Click here to find out more about our work with them and how you can get involved in our Global Ambassador Adventures Programs. If you'd like to apply to become a global partner please e-mail us at info@pcfml.org.au 

Please watch this space for updates and for the announcement of future partnerships.

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