India is unfortunately known for 'Delhi Belly', as well as a myriad of mosquito borne and other diseases. The following page outlines vaccination information and travel insurance options for you to obtain prior to your trip. Each Ambassador must cover their own vaccinations and organise their own travel insurance. Travel insurance is a compulsory part of the Adventure and, when you raise the $3000 crowdfunding target, we will cover the cost of your insurance as part of the program.

Travel insurance

You are all covered under World Nomads as discussed with Courtney. Please print a copy of your insurance and please take photos and record VIN #'s for any expensive items such as computers, phones, cameras, etc. The insurance company WILL NOT cover you without these!

If you would like to stay beyond the period of the Adventure it is up to you to let us know. We can organise any extra coverage that may be needed (at your own expense).


There are a number of vaccinations that you will need (are highly recommended) for the Adventure. SISP has kindly provided a list of these, which is attached below. They recommend that you obtain ALL shots under 'All Travellers' and 'Trekking' categories. They have also advised that tetanus, diptheria and pertussis are combined in the TPD vaccination.

We recommend that you obtain these as soon as possible as some take some time to take effect and others will need more than one shot before they work effectively. Whether you choose to take these shots is at your own discretion, however we highly recommend getting vaccinated. 

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