With the launch of our 5-year Masterplan in India this year, we are excited to have employed our full time team and to have opened our Marine Conservation Centre on the ground in Kovalam! 

Last October, we were over the moon to raise $25,000 with the support of 158 incredible individuals and businesses to kick-start our Centre and hire our team, however we need ongoing funds to keep the program growing and to implement the first waste management system in Vizhinjam and Kovalam; ensure the remediation of Vizhinjam Estuary (Gangaya); and run our ongoing education, employment and training programs to shift the community toward healthier oceans and a more prosperous life.


The first year of our Masterplan is costed at around $140,000 and we need YOU to help us get there and ensure that we can make the biggest difference possible for the local marine environment, as well as the local community who are in desperate need.

Your donation and funds will help us:

* Develop the first waste management system as part of our 'Project: Clean Vizhinjam' and 'Project: Clean Kovalam' campaigns. This will start with two focus areas and slowly expand to collect 6 waste streams (plastic, glass, aluminium, paper, organics and general waste) and employ two local staff at each location to manage the projects;

* Employ 10 local people in conservation of the ocean, rather than industries that contribute to its demise;

* Fund river health and water quality testing for the initial phase of our Estuary rehabilitation project in Vizhinjam;

* Kick-start our waste and marine conservation community education programs and workshops;

* Help us commence our 'Single-use free for the Sea' project with local businesses in Kovalam.

From the local communities of Kovalam and Vizhinjam to the rivers, estuaries, coastlines and marine life of the region, thank you for your support for an region in desperate need!

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