Getting There

As outlined and discussed, you will be responsible for your travel to and from Trivandrum Airport. We have booked our flights with Air Asia and Malindo Air and have found that using them is the cheapest and most direct way to get there.

ARRIVAL DATES: February 13th is the date that we need everyone to arrive on. We have put this day aside so that everyone can get settled in and prepared to start at 9am the following morning.

Here are the arrival times for each Ambassador at Trivandrum airport (in order of time of arrival). We will ensure that each of you is picked up and taken to your hotel:

- Karl & Courtney: 11/02 - 10:10pm - Ayur Hermitage (Malindo Air)

- Sarah-Jo Lobwein: 12/02 - 9:50pm - Hotel Sea Face (Silk Air)

- Cassidy Fitzclarence: 12/02 - 10:10pm - Ayur Hermitage (Malindo Air)

- Kasey Turner: 12/02 - 10:10pm - Ayur Hermitage (Malindo Air)

- Liberty Lawson: 13/02 - 8:45am - House (Sri Lankan Airlines)

- Elizabeth Tovar: 13/02 - 5:40pm - House (IndiGo)

- Lily Donnelly: 14/02 - 7:00am - House - (IndiGo)

PROGRAM DATES: The program will run from Tuesday 14th February at 9am to Friday 24th February at 5pm. We expect you to be available for the entirety of this period, unless in the case of serious unforseen circumstances.

DEPARTURE DATES: You are free to stay around as long as you like after the 24th February. Be mindful that your insurance and accommodation as part of the Adventure will both expire on Saturday 25th. After this time it is up to you to book and pay for the rest of your trip. 


Sarah, Cassidy, Kasey - as you are all arriving at the same time we will meet you together. Sarah - I will travel with you to your accommodation, while Courtney, Cassidy and Kasey can go together back to Ayur Hermitage.

Liberty, Elizabeth, Lily - there will either be us, or someone else to meet you as you arrive at the airport.

Getting Around

We will cover all of your on-ground transport as part of the Adventure. If you do want to go shopping or travel outside of the program you will be expected to cover the cost of travel yourself.

Food & Activities

As well as covering on-ground travel expenses, we will also cover the following as part of the Adventure:

  • 3 meals per day OR a stipend to cover your own meals when organised food cannot be provided;
  • Accommodation for the night prior to, the nights covering the duration of the project and one night following the conclusion of the project - 12 nights in total.
  • All activities during the project (including weekend activities minus shopping, gifts, etc.)