Global program coordinator - india

My childhood was full of amazing experiences in the forests and coastal areas of southern Queensland. Hiking, camping and swimming filled me with a curiosity and wonder for nature and led me to travel the world after leaving school. During my travels I saw how different environments help shape different cultures and I became interested in the human/nature relationship and its role in social and environmental wellbeing.

Returning to Australia I studied renewable energy and psychology before settling on a Masters of Environment, majoring in Education for Sustainability. I have always loved learning and believe that education, when directed towards, will play a significant role in transforming society into a happier, more equal and environmentally sustainable form.

During my studies I worked in India designing learning experiences for children and communities on the social and environmental issues of waste management. It was here that I experienced first-hand the devastation that poor waste management strategies, particularly with plastics, are having on the oceans and the communities that rely on them.

The oceans play such an essential role in the functioning of the environment and have enormous cultural importance around the world. This makes the work of PCFML so important and I am excited to join them to co-lead their Global Program in India.


Photography © Elizabeth Tovar and Blake Hight