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Global Programs India

Our Global Programs & Global Ambassador Adventures get to the heart of marine conservation issues, driving positive change for the ocean and the communities who rely upon it for survival. Our Global Program in Kovalam and Vizhinjam, Kerala - southern India, was launched in February 2017 with 6 Global Ambassadors and 2 PCFML staff facilitating an intensive two-week programs to determine a long-term Masterplan for the region, alongside the local community.

Our campaign was an enormous success and led to:

  • The release of our 5-year Masterplan for the region, focused on fisheries management, waste management and waterway remediation, underpinned by educational programs to drive long-term positive change;

  • The opening of our Marine Conservation Centre on Eve's Beach, Kovalam in April, 2018;

  • The employment of our full-time team in the region to run our centre and roll-out our initiatives from May, 2018.

Our 2nd Global Ambassador Adventure commences on April 15, 2019! Will you support the team to reach their $13k goal?


Photography © Positive Change for Marine Life & SISP