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Don't Be A Sucker Single-Use Free

Around the world, we humans use truckloads of single-use items every day! From plastic straws, cups, takeaway containers, cutlery, bottles and more! If they're traditional plastics they're made from oil and gas, which means they have a huge carbon footprint and environmental impact, choking and entangling marine life, while leaching toxins into the sea.

So, what's the solution?

Just a century ago, there were no single-use plastics, however in the 1960's the plastic revolution and the rise in post-war consumerism came to a head and, over the past 50 years or so, we've literally been drowning ourselves in fast food, fast fashion and fast trash. The good news is, a transition doesn't have to be overwhelming, it starts with changing the way you perceive consumption and addressing it at its source.

Don't Be A Sucker (DBAS)

Starting with plastic straws in 2017 our Don't Be A Sucker campaign officially launched with our first single-use plastic free partner in Byron Bay on March 2, 2018 when Woody's nightclub took the challenge and went single-use plastic free! Since then we've had interest from over 50 businesses in Australia, India and Hawaii and have been rolling the program out throughout 2018 in Byron Bay and on the Gold Coast, as well as working to build momentum in our overseas locations.

So, what is DBAS?

Our Don’t Be A Sucker Campaign (DBAS) is an alliance between our grassroots community work and our collaborative partner Waste Warriors for Business to:

  • Shift businesses toward becoming waste-free. We tailor programs alongside our business partners to make the transition away from single-use items smooth, affordable and worthwhile, developing incentives, training staff and educating customers on the importance of a single-use free future;

  • We focus on ALL single-use items and try to eliminate or at least heavily reduce single-use reliance to ensure long-term environmental and social benefits;

  • We can develop sustainable solutions through our partner organisations fair-trade factory in India - ask us how!

Why does DBAS focus on ALL single-use items? Aren't plastics the only problem?

There is a common misconception that there are sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic items. Unfortunately, the reality is that many of these alternatives make people feel good for using products that are labeled 'compostable' or 'biodegradable', yet they often still take decades to break down in the natural environment and can only be composted or biodegraded in industrial facilities, which don't actually exist in most regions in Australia, the USA and other countries around the world.

To add to this, many 'bio'-plastics and 'compostable' single-use products are hugely energy intensive, utilising chemicals and fertilisers in their production processes, traveling large distances and often being non-biodegradable as well as non-recyclable. Ending up in landfill, they then produce large amounts of methane, which are more toxic to our atmosphere than CO2...

We want to promote a reusable society. We also believe that solving one issue, while creating another is not a solution to the plastic crisis. That's why we work with businesses and consumers to shift their perceptions on all single-use items towards single-use free environments that are better for the sea and better for society.

Check out our 'Biodegradable & Compostable Single-use Guide' below:

how does our business get involved?

Plastic Free Businesses

It’s simple:

1)    Businesses take the pledge to go single-use plastic free or to begin addressing the issue by contacting us;

2)    Positive Change for Marine Life and Waste Warriors for Business arrange a face-to-face of Skype meeting to discuss the transition away from single-use plastic through tailored approaches to suit each individual business, maximising community support whilst minimising financial strain;

3)    Together we launch the DBAS Campaign through events, media and community gatherings;

4)    We assist with a DBAS kit; branding; DBAS window stickers for participating partners; advertising/marketing for supporting partners; raising the profile of participating businesses within their community; as well as educating participating business staff on how to engage with customers in a positive factual way, creating ocean champions throughout the community!

Want your business to be a part of our Don't Be A Sucker Campaign?

The project is open to businesses around the world. Reach out below and someone from our friendly team will get in touch as soon as possible:

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