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Honour the Ocean Beach Clean - Gold Coast

Approximately 6 million tonnes of rubbish enter our ocean every year, with disastrous effects on marine ecosystems. Turtles, seabirds, whales, dolphins, seals, fish and other marine life mistake photo-degraded plastics for phytoplankton, jellyfish and other sources of food, often leading to starvation and poisoning that then gets passed on to their offspring. Marine debris is something that each and every one of us can change - by changing the way we consume and the products we choose to buy we ARE the change that the ocean so desperately needs.

We have been holding fortnightly beach clean up surveys since 2012, with our next clean up happening this Sunday April 14th. Why not come down and join us on March 14th, meet new people and help to make a real difference by removing pollution from our local beach.

We will meet at 8.00am at Don McSween Park (on the northern side of Miami Headland). Share with your friends, family and networks, and together we can help create cleaner and healthier oceans!

So far, Positive Change for Marine Life has collected over 500,000 pieces of trash from local beaches and kept it from entering the ocean. We CAN reverse the trend of marine debris, through changing how we consume and working together for a healthier ocean.

To find out more about Positive Change for Marine Life head to our website:

Or talk to our Gold Coast co-ordinators:
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