Global Program Crowdfunding

We would like to set-up an ongoing Crowdfunding page for our Global Program in India after arrival. Below is some general info that we used for our Global Ambassadors last year, which may assist you both in setting-up and managing these pages, as well as if you'd like to start a personal crowdfunding page. Not all will be relevant, however it will give you a good overview.

If you'd like to see our page that raised our $25k target last year, it's here.

What Crowdfunding Platform Will We Use?

After extensive research, a lot of trial and error and some headaches, we finally decided to go with Chuffed as a crowdfunding platform. Their minimal fees, easy to use layout and great reviews stood out for us as an obvious choice after we trialed a number of (terrible) sites.

Before you help Karl and the crew to launch the site, please read through the following pages in detail and remember - the more personalised our page the better! Most people are more interested in YOU, your passion and your story, than they are in facts and figures. Rather than outline the project in immense detail, we suggest that you have a link to our website to direct supporters to so that they can gather further info on the program and our aims/objectives. 

Once you have read through all of the information outlined in these pages and put together a strategy & timeline for your crowdfunding project, please sign-up for Chuffed and create your page. Also remember to refer to the Crowdfunding Checklist at the bottom of this page to stay on track before, during and post-crowdfunding campaign.

Crowdfunding is!

Crowdfunding can be a little scary at first, however, with a little planning it's totally achievable! Just remember that the more you put in, the more you'll get out. We recommend the following tips, tricks and approaches to help you reach your goal:

  • Donate yourself first. People are less likely to donate if there haven't yet been any donations made, so donate yourself first to get others interested;
  • Get your family and close friends to chip in. This, again will boost your funds, potentially attracting more donors to your page;
  • Post on social media remembering to keep it personal and about you. People react far better to stories that engage them on an emotional level so keep your posts honest, heartfelt and inspiring and you should do well. Create an event targeting your close friends and family and remember to interact with engagers on your posts regularly to maintain a relationship with them throughout your crowdfunding campaign;
  • Run a fundraising event. Live music, presentations, short-films, raffles or all of these in one at a fundraising event if done correctly, could enable you to achieve your fundraising goal in just one evening! You can run the event at your house, in a park or ask a venue to donate on quiet nights, guaranteeing that you'll bring in business for them through food and alcohol sales. Run a great event and you're all set to achieve your goal;
  • Volunteer to dishwash at a local restaurant, be the maintenance man or woman for a day, work at the local retirement home, etc. to raise funds for your project in exchange for offering a service or manual labour;
  • Put together a proposal and approach businesses to fund you in exchange for advertising them through your networks, etc. You can also ask them to promote your story in store. With some planning, it can be a lot easier than you think!
  • Run a bake sale, pass around a bucket at work, ask for donations instead of Christmas presents, etc. There are loads of ways to raise funds, get creative and think outside the square!

Crowdfunding Checklist

1) Research and read through the website, our partner SISP's website and the program pages that you have access to;

2) Read through the Global Program Outline and utilise it for marketing your efforts;

3) Draw up a strategy for your crowdfunding efforts, including the following:

  • Create a campaign team to help spread the word for your crowdfunding campaign;
  • Draw up a timeline outlining campaign peak moments (e.g. $1000 raised by end of week one; specific ask e-mail sent to all contacts on day 12 to increase funding by $1000; event on day 21 to reach (or exceed) your target.
  • Put together your Chuffed crowdfunding page, adding your team details to it, making it personal and keeping it as brief and to the point as possible, with links to further information and LOTS of pics/video (a personal video asking for support is much more likely to ensure that you reach your goals);
  • Create a facebook event and invite friends/family;
  • Have a social media timeline of when you will post of facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. Don't be afraid to ask more than once and schedule posts so that you are keeping the campaign active in friends and acquaintances minds;
  • Send weekly e-mails to your contacts, or start a weekly blog post outlining your campaign, how close you are to your targets, etc. The blog can start with an introduction and then go into some of your ideas, your campaign successes, failures, learnings, etc. Be sure to include links to your crowdfunding page in all that you do.
  • Plan an event and invite a local band/entertainer to be a part of it. You can also get local businesses to donate, have a well-known local personality to MC and put on a presentation on why you are an Ambassador outlining the project, your aims, etc. 
  • Incorporate any of the other aforementioned (and linked) ideas into your strategy to achieve your objectives.

4) Approach businesses with your own proposal as well as the Global Program Outline and ask them to donate in exchange for including them in your blog, etc. You may be suprised at how much they are willing to assist you!

5) Have fun! There are SO many ways to crowdfund and we believe that, with a good story and a little bit of work, you should have no problem in achieving your goal!

6) If you need help, ask! We are more than happy to assist and please use the group facebook page to communicate with the team and share ideas, strategies and tactics on what works, etc.