Don't Be A Sucker Campaign Launch!

The PCFML Byron team and the crew at Woody's Surf Shack, celebrating our Don't Be A Sucker campaign launch with Woody's going single-use plastic free!

The PCFML Byron team and the crew at Woody's Surf Shack, celebrating our Don't Be A Sucker campaign launch with Woody's going single-use plastic free!

Having kicked off 2018 with our India Project really starting to gather speed, we’re keeping the pace going with the launch of another great campaign which everyone can be a part of.

Most of us probably give it little thought when we go into a café on a hot sunny afternoon and order ourselves an iced cappafrappacincolattespresso or whatever it is. Then that friendly waitperson brings it out with at least one, but often two happy looking straws poking out of it for our convenience. But if you’d seen the video doing the rounds of the plastic straw being painfully removed from the nostril of a poor sea turtle, you might stop and wonder, 'do we actually need that extra help getting liquid into our mouths?.’


We won’t bore you with the exact number of straws used in Australia or the world (ok, so no one actually knows, however one figure out there is that the US alone uses around 500 million a day!) but as you can probably imagine our annual usage amounts to far more than a shitload. Learning that plastic straws are consistently in the top 10 list of the most commonly found litter items, we soon had one of those light-bulb-above-the-head moments when we realised that the last straw we used in a beverage really needed to be the LAST straw we ever use!

Woody's menu

However, as enthusiastic as we are here at PCFML, each of us quitting plastic straws still amounts to only a handful of straws saved from the waste stream, the creeks, rivers, and finally the ocean. We knew we had to go bigger and in doing so, try to encourage as many other people as possible to also call it the last straw. This meant going straight to the source, to the places that give us our straws. With that in mind, our Don’t be a Sucker Campaign was born, and we soon found a couple of great partners in crime: Woody’s Surf Shack and Waste Warriors for Business. Waste Warriors share our mission of trying to encourage businesses to minimise their single-use plastic, and Woody’s, as a local Byron business, recognised their own potential to positively affect change. Both were clearly natural allies to work with, especially also given their love of the ocean.

While our principle target here is plastic straws, hence the ‘not sucking’, the Campaign extends the mission to other single-use plastic items that also contribute to the problem.  And while we love the fact that Woody’s came on board so willingly, it won’t stop with them. The plan is to take the campaign to other businesses and venues in Byron, the Gold Coast and beyond.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but we’d be so much happier if you would kindly stop sucking. Say no to plastic straws, cups, bags, bottles and other single-use plastic items. You’d definitely be taking your coolness to new levels if you were to be seen at Woody’s Surf Shack on Friday night, March 2nd from 8pm. That’s the night it all kicks off, and from that night forth Woody’s will stop serving single-use plastic straws and cups FOREVER, which warrants applause and our support!

plastic straws on beach

There’ll also be live music from Dusty Boots and the Adam Harpaz Trio, plus a bunch of PCFML staff hanging out there for the evening who always love to yarn about all things ocean and environment. We hope to see you there.

Don’t Be A Sucker, come along!
#Dontbeasucker #Honourtheocean