An update on Positive Change...

Positive Change for Marine Life formed in Taiji, Japan in 2011, where two people saw a niche in marine conservation through exploring a respectful approach to protecting marine ecosystems that focused on local communities and how they perceived change. With our initial facebook page, Positive Change in Taiji, attracting a huge amount of support and a different perspective on an issue in which there was little understanding from the outside world, we have endured many trials & tribulations as we pursued the often challenging road to become a not-for-profit organisation.

Since registering as an Incorporated Association in 2012, we have run projects, educational awareness programs and campaigns across Australia and in Japan & Brazil identifying issues and industries that are having an adverse impact on marine ecosystems. We've worked in collaboration with other organisations, local governments and leaders, as well as the broader community toward viable solutions that benefit not only marine life, but provide long-term opportunities for the local people who rely on the ocean for survival.

It's been a long and arduous road and one that has had its fair share of challenges, however we are happy to say that, four years after our original formation, we are now seeing the hard work that we've put into the organisation really pay off! With a re-structured board of directors, a new team of fantastic volunteer staff who started with us early in 2016, as well as our new global partnership with Sebastian Social Indian Projects and our Honour the Ocean campaign taking off internationally - we are very excited to see what the future holds and to take all of you with us on the journey toward creating Positive Change for Marine Life. We are currently on the way to becoming a Company Limited by Guarantee and have had the opportunity (through all of your wonderful support over the years) to employ our first paid staff members who will be commencing with us in November this year.

We still have a very long way to go, however as we continue to grow and expand our operations we are excited to take you with us on a journey toward addressing issues and employing solutions around waste management and marine debris, shark conservation, sustainable fisheries management, eco-tourism, and education in the regions that need it most.

For more information on how you can continue to support us and get involved in the work that we do please click here