Our corporate partners and sponsors drive the work that we do. We tailor packages to suit a variety of business sizes and needs, developing a close working relationship that enables us to boost our partners brand, whilst furthering our conservation objectives. A win, win!

Our approach

We aim to approach our Corporate Partnerships like any good relationship, ensuring that we understand each other and work together. We want you to not only support a great cause, but to also enjoy the mutual benefits of working closely with a charity that you support, driving long-term positive change for both parties.

Our 6-step approach ensures that we can continually improve our work and enhance our relationship to ensure ongoing success.

Corporate Partnerships for change

You can download our Corporate Partner Pack below:

More than just a donation...

Our Corporate Partnerships are more than just a donation. We offer engaging ways to give including:

* Team Retreats

* Global Adventures

* Presentations & Workshops

* CSR Alignment

* Sponsorship Events and Hosting Opportunities

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Founder & CEO

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