What to Bring

Unfortunately with the current port situation we may have an issue hiring surfboards, kayaks, etc. That being said, if you want to snorkel, surf, etc. please bring your own equipment!

We will provide the following for the trip to each Ambassador:

  • Recycled paper journal

  • Bamboo re-usable pen

  • Metal re-usable straw

  • Hand sanitiser

  • All food, transport, accommodation, activities

We recommend the following items as essential for the trip:

  • Re-usable water bottle

  • Re-usable container or two (for takeaways)

  • Re-usable cutlery (if possible)

  • Towel (or two)

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat

  • Adapter for Indian wall sockets (VERY IMPORTANT!!)

  • Laptop

  • Camera / video camera / tripod

  • A (hidden) copy of your insurance, passport, VISA!, bank card, health care card, drivers license

  • Torch or head torch

  • Diving and/or surfing gear (fins, mask, rashy, surfboard, etc.)

  • Ladies AND Gents - appropriate clothing (no singlets, short-shorts, etc)

  • Mosquito spray

AND don't forget your toothbrush!!