BYRON BAY | Byron Bay Coordinator / Smoke free beaches coordinator

As a child I would spend endless hours playing in the ocean until I was the only one left in the water and my lips were blue enough that my parents could finally convince me to get out. I developed a love for the ocean from a very young age and, despite living in Melbourne, spent as much time escaping to go surfing, body boarding, snorkelling and later diving at whatever beach I could get to.

After travelling in Central America straight after school I completed my first scuba dive and was hooked! On return from my travels I enrolled straight into a course that brought me all the way up to Instructor level in an attempt to spend most of my day’s in the ocean as my every day ‘job’. I was lucky enough to score my first position at Byron Bay Dive Centre where I get to explore one of Australia’s most diverse marine sanctuaries – Julian Rocks. It was from here that my love and fascination of the ocean and it’s abundance of marine life grew further. I love spending my day's interacting with marine life, watching people's love for the ocean flourish and witnessing the connection that they can have with the ocean.

My passion for the ocean has further encouraged me to begin a degree in Marine Science that is broadening my awareness on the various issues that our Oceans are facing today. This learning curve has encouraged me to become more involved with conservation efforts in the hope to help protect our ocean and it’s marine life and is what led me to become a part of the positive change team!