byron bay | Honour the ocean beach SURVEY PROJECT OFFICER

As like many Australian’s, I grew up with the ocean and nature being a big part of my life. From camping along the Great Ocean Road most summer holidays, visiting Grandparents on the Bass Coast, learning to surf with my cousins and road tripping along the East Coast, my relationship with the environment has been ever growing.

My love for the ocean and outdoors has continued to progressed and become a major influence on how I chose to live my life, particularly within the last few years. I have spent the last 3 winters living and working at an Alpine resort within Victoria. I then have been lucky enough to intertwine this with summer's spent enjoying the ocean, surfing, diving and snorkelling in Byron Bay.

My desire to learn more about environmental issues was really influenced by a number of close friends I met in the last few years of my life whilst traveling and living in unique environments. In learning more about the problems faced by Australian alpine national parks, as well as our marine parks, I have developed a desire to care for and help preserve these spaces. Hence why, when I noticed the good that PCFML were doing I wanted to lend a helping hand.