Gold Coast | Honour the ocean BEACH survey PROJECT officer

Tenille’s interest in Marine Life was first inspired by Australia’s natural wonders and beautiful coastal environments, and throughout her childhood she grew an immense respect for the environment, for animals, and for the ocean. Her curiosity and love for the ocean led her to study a Bachelor of Marine Science. 

Tenille’s key focus now, is to understand the connection between people and the ocean and to learn the ways in which our dependency on the ocean can affect marine life. She hopes to spend her career in ocean conservation exploring how the everyday actions of individuals and communities can mitigate anthropogenic climate change, and ultimately preserve the oceans. 

Continually amazed by the efforts and passion of the team and the community of volunteers, Tenille joined Positive Change for Marine Life in 2016 in hope of encouraging an awareness and engaging others in ocean conservation. She now lives on the Gold Coast where she studies marine science, and in her spare time enjoys diving, hiking, yoga, and spending time with the sea.