Gold Coast | Honour the Ocean Beach Survey Coordinator

Growing up in Chicago, people always found Taylor’s passion for the ocean a bit unusual. Taylor spent most of her summers with the Gulf of Mexico as her backyard and this is where her love of the oceans and marine life began. She moved to South Carolina and received her Bachelor of Science (majoring in marine science) from the University of South Carolina. While there, she spent much of her time involved in research, involved in an evolutionary genetics lab and ecological research on Bull Sharks in Fiji. After graduation she stayed at University of South Carolina and continued working in the evolutionary genetics lab full-time as a research specialist. 

After a year of work, she felt something was missing from what she was doing, so Taylor switched paths and moved to the Gold Coast to to continue her studies at Bond University. She believes that change starts with people and in order to make that happen, the state of the oceans needs to be communicated correctly to the general public. That's why she got involved with PCFML. 

In her spare time, Taylor loves being outside with nature; especially when she is in view of the ocean. Aside from always traveling, she has been scuba diving since high school and loves paddle boarding and hiking.