BYRON BAY | EVENTS coordinator

Growing up on the Central Coast, NSW I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by such beautiful beaches and I have always been fascinated with the ocean. I would sit by the sea for hours, watching the wind blow across the ocean surface and wondering which unique wave was going to be created next. I constantly find myself spending my free time outdoors as I am in complete awe of the world we live in! 

Straight after finishing High School I studied Events Management and soon realised I needed some life experiences. I packed my bags and set off traveling. Living in the Canadian Rockies for 3 years I found a sense of freedom being so high up in the mountains and began to appreciate nature more and more. However, it wasn't until I traveled Central America where I was heartbroken to see the rubbish pollution along the beaches and scattered across the towns. In my most recent trip to South America, I completed my PADI diving certification where my mind was blown away experiencing another world along the ocean floors. Sadly finding rubbish in the Caribbean coast 60ft under water, I knew I had to help make a difference. 

I am so grateful to be apart of PCFML as the Byron Bay Events Coordinator. I look forward to launching events to raise awareness of the pollution in and around our seas. Educating our communities I believe is the key to help manage and sustain the critical condition our ocean is in. I am very passionate about making a change, giving back to the environment and our local community.