I have always been fascinated with the aquatic environment.  The diversity and beauty of fish and other species to be found in both marine and freshwater environments, never ceases to amaze me. My love for the environment has seen me work on the Great Barrier Reef as a sea kayaking guide and in the pristine jungle in Far North Queensland as a river guide. I have also worked as a fishing guide in Cairns and in Northern NSW.

Over these years I have witnessed the decline in aquatic habitats in our rivers and oceans. As a strong advocate of sustainable living, I was compelled to follow a career in conservation. After graduating from Southern Cross University with a degree in Environmental Science and Natural Resource Management I now work with a variety of stakeholders rehabilitating aquatic habitats. I believe that the key to restoring and conserving our forests, rivers and oceans lies with stakeholders. Education and leading by example will empower our communities to step up as stewards of their environment.

Positive Change for Marine Life enables me to work with my community to keep our ocean healthy.  

Simon is our Byron Bay Honour the Ocean Coordinator and is leading our local initiatives to address the way that the region perceives single-use products, as well as the effect that they have on the ocean.