Byron Bay | Butt-Free Beaches Coordinator

Simon has always lived near the ocean in Sydney and as a child he and his family spent many days all year round at the near by Maroubra Beach. Since then the sea has always been his go to place to either watch the waves and relax or trying any of the physical activities the ocean has to offer including surfing, kayaking, scuba diving and stand up paddle boards. Simon's next endeavour is to learn how to sail !

Simon started his career working for some of the major hotels in Sydney. He then got a job working on Hayman Island in North Queensland and was amazed at the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef and all its life. Here, he first learned to scuba dive. Recently, Simon went back to the reef and saw the devastating change that has taken place. This is when Simon consciously thought about taking action. 

Simon's long history in horticulture saw him work at many of Sydney's coastal parks and beaches. One year after an impromptu party on Christmas Day Simon was part of the team that removed 40 tonnes of rubbish from Coogee Beach. Working in this area Simon noticed how much the coastal environment had changed. 

Working with Positive Change for Marine Life allows Simon to educate the community on simple ways to protect the ocean that he loves.