Activ8 for the ocean’ Coordinator - Byron bay

From a young age I was taught to respect the world we have been given and my desire for environmental conservation since then has only grown. From the age of 5, I knew I wanted to work with the environment and all the amazing things in it. As I got older I binge watched documentaries about everything I could and growing up with my mother as an educator, I became fond of teaching others about what I knew too.

As our family travelled along the east coast of Australia, we visited many marine icons from Coff’s Harbour in the south through to Palm Cove in the north and my love for the ocean started to shine through more with each location. One of my most memorable experiences was in Hastings Point where we got to do an educational session at the Marine Environment Field Study and Resource Centre. They spoke about all the things that negatively impact our world through our daily actions and my desire to teach people and promote the awareness for marine conservation issues was born.

During high school I got an amazing opportunity to go on a biology camp for a week at the old UQ research centre on Stradbroke Island where we spent a week doing fieldwork, laboratory work and data analysis. From being in neck deep water amongst the mangroves with my clipboard and stationary above my head to do species surveying, through to seeing clam larvae under the microscope, this is where my determination to follow in this career path really became solidified.

As of now I have commenced my study in Marine Biology and I could not be happier. I have been able to take part in many courses and programs that have pushed me above and beyond to identify real life issues and find solutions to them. From that I have been able to continuously change my own personal habits, while helping to encourage others to do the same one step at a time towards a more sustainable future.