River warrior crew - Gold coast

I am a Marine Biology graduate from Scotland who has settled in the Gold Coast. My biggest passion in life is protecting our oceans and the beautiful animals that live within it.

Since I was a little girl it has been dream of mine to raise awareness and conserve marine mammals. So I studied Marine Biology at the University of Stirling in Scotland, graduated and left the UK to travel and settle in Australia. Throughout uni years I travelled a bit overseas to work on different conservation projects. In Greece I worked along the beaches protecting turtle nests and in South Africa where I worked on a game reserve and along the Sodwana coastline. Growing up in the west coast of Scotland I spent a lot of my summers on the Isle of Arran kayaking and camping and exploring the wilderness there. I absolutely love the outdoors and nature. 

Moving to Australia has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! It’s provided me with the opportunity to be apart of an amazing campaign preserving our oceans and beach lines. Something I feel super strong about and it is so crucial to raise awareness for future generations.