Byron bay | Activ8 for the ocean educational officer

I’m happiest when I’m immersed in Mother nature. I’ve always felt a deep connection to the ocean, whether it’s through diving, surfing, kayaking or swimming - she cleanses my mind, satisfies my soul and heals my heart. I feel that I have a duty to look after her and all the animals we share, and believe the key to that is through education, raising awareness and living by example.

My passion and love for conservation has lead me to study a double Bachelor of Marine and Environmental Science, work in ecotourism, and actively volunteer with non-for profit organisations such as Australian Sea Bird Rescue/Ballina to Byron Sea Turtle Hospital. Broadening my knowledge and understanding of the impacts marine pollution has on the dynamic ecology of our planet, as well as the diverse species within it, is extremely rewarding and enables me to share with others.

As an Activ8 for the Ocean Education Coordinator, I have the opportunity to work alongside a bunch of legends, inspiring the youth within the community and together make a HUGE difference – all while having a WHALE of a time!