Lindsey is the director of Hardcopy Cartel as well as Crux. She’s been running HC for over two years and it’s been through a lot of little phases. When it comes down to it though, her values have always remained the same: passion for people. The happiness of people is her number one priority and there’s a lot of different ways she wants to make that happen.  

A few of those ways is by working with amazing non-profits such as Positive Change for Marine Life creating branding, brochures flyers and other bits and bobs as they come. She also works closely with the non-profit organisation COPE (Centre of Perinatal Excellence) and DVRCV (Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria).

Branding is Lindseys speciality. She works one on one with creatives or the creative at heart who are looking for something that is a little out of the ordinary. This means working with people or companies who don’t fit the “clean” look, and instead want something that is fun, creative, and a little out there, but that’s still authentic to them and their brand.

Crux is a creative collective that Lindsey is a part of as well. Through Crux, she is able to offer clients a full array of services such as design, copy writing, web design and app design. To find out more Lindsey and her services you can contact her on